Withheld Billing = No monthly billing for uncontested collection cases


We realize that community associations that are in need of collection services are oftentimes hindered by budget concerns. Our collection attorney fees are first charged to the delinquent owner, not to your association.  Under Florida law, a delinquent homeowner is responsible for payment of the attorneys’ fees and costs


FREE Collection Strategy Meetings


Larsen & Associates is dedicated to formulating the best strategies for your association.  We will meet with you in person, through email, through video conference, or by phone.


Credit Card Payments


We are one of the few law firms that enable delinquent homeowners to make payments by credit card through our website at no additional cost to your association OR to the homeowner.  Homeowners may also pay by credit card in person at our main office, or by submitting a credit card approval form via facsimile.


Online Requests


Homeowners and title companies can submit payoff requests through our website. Please note: Title companies pay a fee to get a payoff which helps us avoid charging your association. Homeowners may also request a payment plan through our website or via email; a set fee is added to the homeowner’s ledger.


Benefits of Our Collection Process